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30 Jun 2017

Bondage Tape: One of the Most Useful Bondage Toys Out There


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Posted By Rebekah E.

Most people who aren't into bondage of any sort have a tendency to discount any bondage gear as 'not for them,' but the fact is you can market just about anything as 'bondage toys' and anything marketed as bondage can be used in other ways. In other words, you don't have to enjoy BDSM to use some of the tools that the fetish has produced. Case in point: Bondage Tape, one of the most useful bondage toys to ever be invented. No matter what your fetish is (and come on now, we all have a fetish or two of some sort), Bondage Tape can be a fun addition.

The Right Amount of Sticky

The reason Bondage Tape is so amazing is that it's designed to only stick to itself - not to your skin, hair, or clothes. If you take a small piece of Bondage Tape and apply it to your arm, it will just fall off. Wrap it all the way around your arm so that it covers itself, however, and it adheres nicely and most likely has to be cut off.

That makes Bondage Tape one of the most versatile bondage toys in the world - you can experiment with it to your heart's content without worrying that you'll have to go through an impromptu hair waxing (without the wax) when the fun's over.
Uses of Bondage Tape

All you need is a little bit of imagination to see where Bondage Tape can lead you whether you enjoy being restrained or not:

* Gags and Blindfolds. Even if you're not into true BDSM, you can enjoy a bit of sensory deprivation with an easy gag or blindfold - all you do is wrap a strip of Bondage Tape around your head and you're ready to go. And a gag can be very useful if your partner can't keep it quiet in mixed company, too.

* Clothing/Barriers. A really sexy, fun game can be made from nothing but this most amazing of bondage toys - wrap yourself up in Bondage Tape and make your partner fight their way through it. Adding a bit of effort and challenge is a nice spice to an otherwise normal night in.

Sex is 50% imagination, and Bondage Tape allows your imagination to roam freely, leading you to places you never expected - but not necessarily bondage itself.


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